Six Popular GC Webcasting Solutions

GC Webcasting specializes in a wide range of solutions using streaming media, database development and content management systems.

G-Caster "One-Button" Software

G-Caster is a webcast station for your boardroom, office or laptop to accommodate people who cannot attend your in-person events. G-Caster is used to webcast meetings, workshops, training, announcements and regular interactive sessions with clients, suppliers and offices. Associations use G-Caster to provide "fireside chats" between members and the president. Live broadcasts are recorded for playback later. You can set everything up with guidance from us or we'll do it for you! MORE

Live Conference Webcasting

Webcasting a conference from a hotel is more complex because you must tap into the room P.A. system and ensure the facility has the correct Internet requirements. For this reason, GC offers on-site management of events where we do everything for you. This is an in-demand service for large hotel and conference centre events put on by governments and associations. MORE

Web TV Channel and Video Production

People these days have little time to read so converting your marketing messages, training and other information into video and audio formats makes a lot of sense. A Web TV Channel is a database we build for you so you can easily manage your video and people can easily navigate. If you need professional camera-work, lighting, interviewing, narration and post production, we can do it all for you. MORE

Live Conference Call Slides

Distributing large PowerPoint files by e-mail is impractical and busy people may not have time to look at them before a conference call. Our "Live Conference Call" service converts your presentations to small, fast loading web slides so your group can watch on the web while listening on the phone. MORE

Live Web Cams

Show off your facilities to help promote your organization by using our high quality professional streaming webcam service. It's a fact that if people can see a live broadcast of your manufacturing plant, tourism destination or showroom, you'll have more credibility and business will go up! But your webcam must be in a flattering position with proper lighting and it should provide various angles. MORE

Web Development

Many corporate web sites are becoming dated and do not include video or audio. Some are also still updated manually by an outsourced web maintenance company that may not be responsive to time-sensitive postings. Save money, project a leading edge image and ensure that information is up quickly by having GC Webcasting "revitalize" your site. We'll deploy multi-media modules and a "content management system (CMS)" so your staff can quickly and easily update your web site. MORE

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Full Service Support

Advance online registration systems and e-mail reminders.

Private and secure log-in or public access.

Automatic recording of everything, including all web audience questions and comments.

Detailed statistics let you know who logged on, when and for how long!


The Canadian Association of Prior Learning Assessment uses GC Webcasting to record and archive workshops that reach a global audience.

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The Upper Canada District School Board uses GC Webcasting to cost-effectively inform 26,000 students about bus cancellations.

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